• We accept the following insurance:

    • United Healthcare
    • Tri Care
    • Sloans Lake
    • Rocky Mountain Health
    • Medicare
    • Humana
    • Cigna
    • Aetna
    • Workers Comp
    • Cofinity
    • Auto Accident - no liens

    This is a partial list, if your insurance provider is not listed, please contact your insurance company or our office to verify our participation.

  • Ordering Information

    To order Caroline Corning Creager’s books
    and/or video, balls, foam rollers, or resistive bands,
    please call/email one of the following distributors:

    United States

    Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products
    Ph: (800) 367-7393 or (763) 553-0452
    Fax: (763) 553-9355



    Star Systems
    Ph: 61 2 6772 7433

    New Zealand

    Network for Fitness Professionals
    Email: info@netfitpro.co.nz
    Ph: 09 479 8635

    United Kingdom

    Osteopathic Supplies Ltd.
    Ph: 01432 263939

    South Africa

    Thera Med
    Ph: 27 11 8046746

    For Further Product Information or Querries online, please contact Physical Therapy Doctors, Inc.

    Physical Therapy Doctors, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1319
    Berthoud, CO 80513
    Telephone: (970) 532-2533
    Fax : (970) 532-2533
    Email: Caroline@CarolineCreager.com

  • Abdominal & Pelvic Floor Boot Camp

    A four-week series of education and exercise that tackles that lower abdomen bulge, as well as issues such as incontinence, constipation, and lower back pain. This class is a must!

    Register Online

  • Core Strength Training

    "Core Strength Training Using Inflatable and Foam Rollers" by Caroline Corning Creager. Click here for Ordering Information
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