Stem Cell Injection Day

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

By Dr. Caroline Creager, PT, DPT
(Part 2 in a series chronicling Dr. Creager’s personal experience with knee injury and stem cell injections- read Part 1.)

Dr. Patrick Mallory successfully injected my stem cells into my left knee on Friday! I had minimal pain after the adipose (fat) was harvested from my upper thigh – saddle bag region. More fat was removed on the left thigh than the right. I guess I was a little uneven. My husband said he had never noticed ;)

I was unable to extend my left knee completely after the injection and had some ‘catching’ deep inside the knee; however, I’m sure this was from the fluid mixture of stem cells and plasma rich protein (PRP) that was injected into the knee.

Fat stem cellsMy thighs were numb most of the day, so it was difficult to tell when the ace bandages had rolled down and left a large ‘flap’ of swelling over the top of the bandages. In addition to my upper thigh swelling ‘flap’, I began having lower thigh pain (6/10 pain) that could only be contributed to swelling. I said, “that’s it.” I removed the ace bandages and pulled out a roll of Rock tape. I then proceeded to strategically place the Rock tape over my knee and thighs and had relief within 20 minutes (1/10 pain). As a result of the swelling reduction from the Rock tape, I did not have to take any pain medicine not even a Tylenol! I was pleasantly surprised I did not need pain meds during the procedure or afterwards.

The first day after the procedure I was able to walk a mile without any catching in my knee and with little discomfort. The second day after the procedure I was able to walk 1.5 miles and interestingly my left knee didn’t hyperextend as I walked. This has been one of my biggest symptoms – knee hyperextension – and it didn’t occur. Yeah! I also did not have any knee pain. My thighs were still tender to touch and minimally swollen thanks to the Rock tape.

Sitting on the toilet has been the most difficult thing to do. The toilet seat hits right where the adipose was removed. Ouch. But I kept telling myself, “no knee pain.”

The next blog I’ll post a photo of my thighs with my artistic pattern of Rock tape.